GALENpharma GmbH is an independent, owner-managed family business with a proud tradition and great innovative strength. Ever since the company was founded, in 1985, we have been one of the leading specialists and trailblazers in the development and production of topical, oral and parenteral medicines.
Our pharmaceutical range includes products for the specialist fields of dermatology, urology and endocrinology. As a partner to prescribing doctors as well as pharmacists, the name of GALENpharma is synonymous with an ethical and value-oriented approach centred on patient well-being. Like our namesake, the Ancient Greek physician and scholar Galenos of Pergamon, we constantly strive to create better and more efficient solutions wherever medical demand is great. Innovative medicines and concepts tailored close to people’s needs are the result.


GALENpharma GmbH is an entirely family business.

It was founded in 1985 by the physician Dr. med. Otto Paulsen and his pharmacist son, Jan Paul Paulsen, who carried on the business following his father’s death. Since the company is not under obligation to any capital investor or major international enterprise, we enjoy the freedom to act according to our own values and ideals.


Many of our company’s products contain active ingredients from the corticoid family. In terms of the number of preparations it produces, GALENpharma GmbH is a leading player on the corticoid market in Germany. Whether it’s corticoids for external application, ingestion or injection, we offer a wide range of preparations from this vital group of active substances. Corticoids have made a considerable contribution to medical advances in recent decades; pharmacists and doctors are well aware of this, but among the general public there is unfortunately a widespread mistrust of cortisone. Our company is working hard to expand our range of cortisone products. The aim: to provide the appropriate corticoid in the optimal dosage form for each relevant condition. By achieving that goal and by collaborating closely with all specialist medical and pharmaceutical groups, we further increase acceptance of the cortisone treatment that is often essential for patients.